Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cortland Line Company New Fly Lines: Liquid Crystal

We've been talking quite a bit on here about our new Fly Lines for 2012 and now its time to discuss a line that was introduced this past summer - Cortland's Liquid Crystal.

 Our new PE+ jacket incorporates a unique multi-polymer blend, which allows the line to be supple and manageable while maintaining an incredibly low co-efficient of friction for outstanding shoot-ability and distance. Cortland's Core Fusion Technology (CFT) seamlessly joins the high performance PE+ jacket with a special single filament core, achieving unprecedented strength and durability. Core Fusion Technology (CFT) eliminates bond and stretching issues with traditional fly line cores. Designed inside and out to handle all the challenges of tropical and warm water fishing. Whether your chasing tarpon in the back country, spooky permit on the flats or Redfish on the coast, Liquid Crystal is up to the challenge.

We were really excited (and still are!) about this line when it was introduced this summer. We took the line on a few trips to the cold New England waters for Stripers, Bluefish, and False Albacore to see how it would hold up - we'll let these videos we made speak for themselves!

Any questions about this line feel free to e-mail me at ALOOMIS@cortlandline.com.

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