Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I found this video on the internet this morning and got a kick out of it. It seems like a fitting video to start off 2012! On behalf of Cortland Line Company, we would like to wish you a safe, responsible, and happy new years!!!

Give that man a bells!

Bells Whiskey from Condor Cape on Vimeo.

Tight lines and see you next year,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cortland Line Company New Fly Lines: Liquid Crystal

We've been talking quite a bit on here about our new Fly Lines for 2012 and now its time to discuss a line that was introduced this past summer - Cortland's Liquid Crystal.

 Our new PE+ jacket incorporates a unique multi-polymer blend, which allows the line to be supple and manageable while maintaining an incredibly low co-efficient of friction for outstanding shoot-ability and distance. Cortland's Core Fusion Technology (CFT) seamlessly joins the high performance PE+ jacket with a special single filament core, achieving unprecedented strength and durability. Core Fusion Technology (CFT) eliminates bond and stretching issues with traditional fly line cores. Designed inside and out to handle all the challenges of tropical and warm water fishing. Whether your chasing tarpon in the back country, spooky permit on the flats or Redfish on the coast, Liquid Crystal is up to the challenge.

We were really excited (and still are!) about this line when it was introduced this summer. We took the line on a few trips to the cold New England waters for Stripers, Bluefish, and False Albacore to see how it would hold up - we'll let these videos we made speak for themselves!

Any questions about this line feel free to e-mail me at

Tight lines,


Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

On behalf of Cortland Line Company, we would like to wish you all Happy Holidays!!!

If you're still searching for something special for someone, be sure to check out our Online Factory Store or our eBay Store for all of you fishing needs!

Tight lines,


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cortland Line Company New Fly Lines: Trout Boss

One of our earlier posts was about the new fly lines we have come out with for 2012. One of the lines that we are most excited about here at Cortland Line Company is the Trout BOSS Fly Line.

The Trout BOSS Fly Line is our new premium trout line. We have used a new jacket material that utilizes Heat Dissipation Technology (HDT). HDT ensures minimal friction while false casting, improving line speed and distance. The unique AFFTA Compliant Boss taper features a 65' head and 100' total length which allows for accurate casts in close and great control at distance. An extended head facilities roll casting and long mends, making the Boss a perfect choice for indicator nymphing. We have paired the line up with 18'' of our proprietary Dyna-Tip for superb flotation, along with a Pale Olive head and running line. 

I've received a bunch of e-mails asking questions about the cover photo:

 -"Who is that on the cover of the Trout BOSS box?"
 -"Was that fish caught with the Trout BOSS line?"
 - "How big is that Trout on the cover of the Trout BOSS box?"

Well Cortland faithful, here are all of the answers:

I took that picture of Joe Goodspeed on the cover of the box. I edited it to give it an edgy look and boom - it ended up being the box cover shot. We went fishing that night determined to get a photo for the cover shot and we actually did. 

The same fish from the box cover. You can see the White Fly shucks on the water.

Yes, that fish was caught with the Trout BOSS Fly Line. If I remember correctly, it was on a White Fly size #10 or so, right after dusk, and about a 40' cast in low clear water. 

The fish Joe caught that night was 20'' on the nose.

If you have any questions about the line you can e-mail me directly at 



The Birds Nest

This is one of the most effective nymphs for Steelhead in the Lake Ontario Tributaries.

Birds Nest from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.

Tight lines,

"Getting Guided"

This teaser video from MidCurrent looks awesome!

Getting Guided Teaser 2: Andy Mill- Book of Worms from Mountain Beach Productions on Vimeo.

Tight lines,

Monday, December 12, 2011

West Branch of the Delaware River Brown Trout

This summer I bought a GoPro Hero Camera. I didn't use it as much as I thought, but when I did it was awesome. It was a little tough getting use to setting the camera up in a way that is conducive to good fishing video, but after some practice I was getting some great video.

The video below is one of the better videos I took this summer with the GoPro Hero Camera. This West Branch Brown was bank feeding on BWO's in late July. I had already been working this fish for 10 or 15 minutes before I turned on the camera. I would suggest watching the video on YouTube full screen so you can see the take (the little white blip off the top of my rod tip). On the raw file you can see the take no problem, but once the video was uploaded to YouTube the resolution was affected.

Enjoy the video!

Tight lines,

P.S. The River Why arrived at my apartment this weekend. I'll post a review soon!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Update

We're certainly staying busy here at Cortland Line, which makes it hard to post consistently.

Joe Goodspeed sent me some recent photos of his fishing weekend, which I'll share here. It is hard to believe that there still isn't any snow here in Central New York. I saw people over the weekend walking around in flip flops and playing DECEMBER! The forecast for the end of this week looks like things will change - I'll have my fingers crossed.

Josh Filter hooked up to a steelhead.

Can't get better than this.

The Diamondback Swinger Switch Rod having a lazy morning on the river.

That's more like it!

Nice fish, Joe.

By the way, check out this cool video about fly fishing the Missouri River in Montana.

Let's hear it for the Mighty Mo!

Tight lines,

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The River Why: Is it the next "movie"?

I don't have to say much about the movie cover that is on the left....

In Fly Fishing, it is simply known as "The movie". A River Runs Through It is the most popular fly fishing film in the world, sparking an interest in the sport that no one would have imagined. Anglers still recite lines from this movie while they're fishing between friends, and I know every time I am dying to get on the water, but just cant do it - I pop this movie into my DVD player.

There is a new movie out though and perhaps you have heard of it. It is called The River Why. The River Why was originally a novel by David James Duncan first published in 1983. According to The River Why Website, the story is about:

"20 year old Gus Orviston, the Mozart of flyfishing, who leaves his big city home in rebellion from his parents to live in a secluded cabin on the banks of a wild river and do nothing but fish."

For those of you who haven't read the book, it is a great read. It is hard to put down and I found myself literally laughing our loud at some parts. But everyone is asking, is The River Why going to be the next movie that we are all dying to see in the fly fishing world? Will we call all of our experiences of falling into water while fighting a fish our 'Brad Pitt' move? Will we bust on our buddy by telling them that "The fish are out further, just a little...further?"

Knowing what details can be left out from the previous A River Runs Through It pair, it will be interesting to see how Director Matthew Luetwyler integrates the book into making one cohesive film. The film is starring Zach Gilford as "Gus", and Amber Heard as "Eddy", and includes others such as Kathleen Quinlan, Dallas Roberts, and William Hurt. The DVD is available to order here, and you can also check out the trailer below:

The DVD is almost close to the top of my Netflix DVD Queue. Once I watch it I'll post a full review!

Tight lines

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