Who's who?

Name:  Joe Goodspeed
Age:  27
E-mail: JGOODSPEED@cortlandline.com
What do you do at Cortland Line?  Whatever it takes. I manage our fly line department and work with private label companies.

Favorite species of fish? Love them Salmonoids
Joe tries to catch fish all the time, and has been doing so since he was quite small.  You can find him getting his fish on with tailwater trout in the summer time and anadromous lake run fish in the fall and winter.

Name: Christian Rotchford
Age: 28
E-mail: CROTCHFORD@cortlandline.com           
What do you do at Cortland Line? Internal sales and Costumer service. 
Favorite species of fish? Rainbow Trout

Christian was born with fishing in his blood and since has been actively pursuing anything that can be caught on a Rod and Reel.  In the past 6 years Christian has spent the majority of his fishing time seeking lake run fish from our NYS Finger Lakes and Great Lakes with great success. He perceives fishing as a art form and a extension of his spirit. Christian grew up locally with Cortland Line as a fixture in his community. More than just a job to him, he is dedicated to the company’s long history, top products, and innovation.

 Name:Richard Andrews
Age: 53
E-mail: FACTORYSTORE@cortlandline.com
What do you do at Cortland Line? I manage the Cortland line Factory store.
Favorite species of fish? Trout, Smallmouth Bass , Pike
            Richard has been Fly Fishing about 30 years. He learned to fish with a fly rod in the Shenandoah Mountains. He loves fishing the Finger Lakes region of NY, the Catskills, and the Adirondacks. Small streams are his favorite and recently while fishing in New Mexico he caught a rare Rio Grande Cutthroat.

Name: Brooks Robinson
Age 25
E-mail: BRobinson@cortlandline.com

What do you do at Cortland Line? Public Relations & Social Media Manager.
Favorite species of fish? Chrome Steelhead

Brooks has been fishing for over 20 years.  He spends the majority of his time catching steelhead and wild trout.
Name: Matt Smith
Age: 28

What do you do at Cortland Line? Shipping and receiving

Favorite species of fish? Smallmouth Bass

Born and raised in Central, New York, Matt has been out stalking fish since he was the age of five.  An accomplished angler, Matt has put a variety of sweet fish on the bank in recent years.  Matt has been with the Cortland Line family for over six years.