Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Need a break from work?

These ten fishing videos will make your day go by faster! Enjoy.

Fly Fishing is a Joke from Henry Harrison on Vimeo.

River Time Forgot from 7 Weight on Vimeo.

Spring Creek from 7 Weight on Vimeo.

Northwoods from 7 Weight on Vimeo.

Hustle and Fish from 7 Weight on Vimeo.

The Good Life from 7 Weight on Vimeo.

See The Take from 7 Weight on Vimeo.

Mexico Movie from 7 Weight on Vimeo.

Iceland from 7 Weight on Vimeo.


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Steelhead!

Over Thanksgiving Break, I had the luxury of fishing for Steelhead with some good friends of mine. There were laughs, fish landed, fish lost, beers, and pictures taken! We were on a major Lake Ontario tributary using Cortland's new Switch Line, Diamondback Swinger Switch Rods, and Cortland's 444 10' sink tip type III Fly Line.

Small egg patterns seemed to work the best for us over break. We also caught fish on nymphs and our leaders were tapered down to anywhere from 4-8lb, depending on the water we were fishing. It was good to see some that some fresh fish had entered the river - some of them were getting pretty beat up!

Enjoy the pictures, and as always - check back!

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Friday, November 18, 2011


For this weekend ONLY, there will be a special for those of you who view this blog. This coupon code won't be available for anyone else and is strictly an online factory store coupon code.

Enter this coupon code in the "Enter Code" box above the green checkout box and receive a 10% discount on any item in the online those. The code is: AL1121.

Click here to go to the Online Factory Store!

Any problems or questions e-mail me at!

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Cortland Masterbraid

We recently received word about a great write up on our Masterbraid from Andrew Ragas. Click here to read the review. Some of those Muskies look awesome!

If you're unfamiliar with our Masterbraid, then this is a great review to read because it is from someone who fishes all the time. Masterbraid is constructed in a way that makes it rounder, which means less twist, greater accuracy, longer casts and extended life. Andrew discusses the advantages of our Fiber Tech process well, and he has the fish pictures to back it up.

This weekend looks like it will be a good one to get on the water. Shotgun season opens up in our area so it should take a lot of anglers off the water, plus the majority of the Finger Lakes Tributaries are in prime condition after the rain we just received. That means Landlocked Salmon, Brown Trout, and Rainbow's. I might also try for Lake Trout and Pike. Throw Steelhead into the mix and who knows! Fall is a great time to fish here in Central New York!

Check back for a weekend recap, and enjoy your weekend.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Brown on a Streamer

Yesterday I sight fished to this guy who was in about a foot of water. He turned and ate an olive streamer, then all hell broke loose. It's probably one of the most colored up stream resident Brown's I have ever caught.


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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Steelhead Report

This past week seemed to fly by with the recent time change, but that didn't mean we didn't make time to fish here at Cortland Line. The tug of steelhead have all of us here acting a little quirky - random hook-sets, people yelling "Fish on!", and imitations of past fights with fish are all common place this time of year.

Joe landed this awesome steelhead below on a size 10 stonefly from a major tributary of Lake Ontario last weekend. He said that he was lucky to land the fish because of the water he was fishing in, and mentioned calling it a "salmon" sized fish when he first hooked it. Well, at 36.5'' I'd say he was right - nice fish, Joe.

I haven't landed a fish as big as Joe's this year, but the steelies have been kind to me. I've been getting a lot of fish on various egg patterns and only a few on nymphs. There isn't anything better than the head shakes a steelhead throws at you, and that is what keeps me coming back for more every time. The steelhead pictured below was a fish I was sight fishing to. She was sitting right behind two spawning King Salmon, and sucked in my egg pattern as it floated by.

All of my fish this fall have come on our new Diamondback Swinger 11'6'' Switch Rod. This rod casts excellent, responds well, and makes fighting fish a breeze. Look for them in your local Cortland Pro Shop, the Cortland Factory Store, or contact us at for more information.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fishing Porn

Need a quick break from work?

Here you go.....

Finger Lakes Brown

Great Lakes Steelhead

Summer time brown release


Missouri River brown 
 More pictures will come later. Check back!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Cortland Line Company - New Fly Lines!

For 2012 Cortland has a stellar lineup of new fly lines - Trout BOSS, Liquid Crystal, Switch Line, and Competition Nymph Line. The Trout BOSS is the new premium trout line from Cortland featuring a new jacket material that improves line speed and distance. The Liquid Crystal utilizes a multi-polymer blend that makes for an incredibly supple, clear floating fly line for the salt. The Switch Line is an extremely versatile line that helps you get the most out of your switch rod - overhand casting, spey casting, and indicator nymphing.

For right now, we're going to take a bit of time discussing the new Competition Nymph Line with Cortland's Product Coordinator  - Joe Goodspeed.

Hey Joe. Tell me a little bit more about the Competition Nymph Line.
"The Competition Nymph line (Available in two sizes: Fine Tip, Ultra Fine Tip) is designed to empower the nymph fisherman who employs the primarily upstream methods originated in Europe (Czech, French, Spanish) or “high stick” nymphing.  The performance advantage comes from the ultra thin/limp core braided specifically for this product here at the Cortland Line factory and the taper design built around it.  The front taper is long and gradual and very limp, allowing the angler to maintain contact with the flies with the fly line held off the water, while avoiding the “bellying” effect from the weight of the fly line, dragging the flies back toward the angler in an unnatural fashion.  These lines are made to match rods with 2,3,4,5 wt rods in 9’ - 11’ lengths - the choice between “Fine Tip” and “Ultra Fine Tip” should not be determined by rod weight, but by the size and weight of flies to be fished.  The “Ultra Fine Tip” line provides ultimate sensitivity and contact with small, lightweight offerings, however the “Fine Tip” line would be better suited for heavy anchor flies or multiple weighted fly nymph rigs."

Should I expect to be able to cast a traditional indicator and weight system with this line?
"Not as well as you would with a conventional WF or DT floating line.   The Competition Nymph line roll casts very easily, and provides enough energy to turn over a small indicator and split shot or streamer when necessary, however these applications are not what the line was intended and designed to do."

I am unfamiliar with indicator mono: can you elaborate a little bit more on it and its fishing applications?

"Indicator mono, or any brightly colored mono that would help an angler detect strikes, is often built into a nymphing leader to aid in strike detection.  This can be done in numerous ways depending on angler preferences, however a highly visible coiled monofilament strike indicator or a straight piece of one or more sections of bright or contrasting mono (red, yellow, black, pink etc.) placed in the middle section of a monofilament leader to be held off the water or watched on the water can be a highly effective strike detection method when used properly." 
Why is there a need for such a line?  Why can’t I just nymph with mono running line?
"The Competition Nymph lines are designed to balance with the numerous long and lightweight nymph rods that have been hitting the market recently.  The majority of these rods have been designed with nymph fishing techniques in mind, as the longer rod allows a nymph angler to cover far more water without allowing the fly line to drag against the current.  Until now, no fly line had been created to get the best performance out of this style of rod.  Typical fly line weights are oriented to bend and load a rod while casting the line through the air, which leads to a mass of weight outside the rod tip that is counterproductive for most effective styles of nymph fishing.  The  traditional lines are measured for weight at 30’ (excluding the level tip section if applicable).  These lines have a grain weight rating, but the measurement is taken at 45’ instead of 30’ - allowing for the Competition Nymph line to have enough body to load the rod and make roll and overhead casts when some line is extended, while maintaining the the thin lightweight tip that the design is built around."

Last question - Where can people buy this line?

"Ask for the Competition Nymph line and Indicator Mono at your local Fly Shop or favorite Mail Order outlet, or contact us direct if your local shop is not yet carrying this new product."

Any other questions you have about the line you can e-mail Joe at!

Tight lines,

Cortland Line Company and Social Media

Here at Cortland Line, we recently took a big step into the social media world. We have various FaceBook acocunts, Twitter accounts, YouTube Channels, and more. If you want to stay connected to us in the most up to date fashion, I suggest checking one of them out!

Here are the links to our Accounts:

Facebook - Cortland Line Company Store

Twitter - Cortland Line Company Store

YouTube Channel - Cortland Fly Fishing

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Thursday, November 3, 2011


This is Cortland Line Company's Blog. What you will find here is everything you'd expect form a fishing company: videos, pictures, product reviews, tips, online store specials, and everything in between.

We're in the height of Steelhead season here in the Northeast, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of Steelhead articles show up on our Blog over the next few months. We'll discuss our new Diamondback Swinger Switch Rods that seem to be permanently attached to all of our employee's hands (including mine!), and also all of the new lines Cortland has released.

Be sure to check back.

Tight lines,