Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cortland Line on Ebay

Everyone here at Cortland Line knows our own Christian Rotchford is kind of a big deal. What you might not know is what Christian does for work is an even bigger deal for you!

Hey everyone my name is Christian Rotchford. If you haven't checked out our Cortland Line products on Ebay you are missing out! We have great deals on fly lines, rods and reels. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you and our friendly customer service team will gladly help you with your purchase.

We have a large variety of discontinued fly lines including a full line up of shooting heads. Our reels are all STH products that can fulfill almost any style you fish. We also carry a variety of Diamondback rods ranging from 3-6 wt.

As I sit here typing we have rods, reels and fly lines going out the door fast. There are plenty of products left and many more to list but this is your chance to "Buy It Now"! I hope everyone takes advantage of this great opportunity because 50-75% off premium rods, reels and fly lines can't last forever.

Tight lines,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cortland Line's New Compact Switch

This past weekend I had a chance to cast our new Compact Switch line. I lined it up on Cortland's Sterling Reel and was using Diamondback's Swinger Switch Rod to swing flies for Steelhead.  Not only does this line rip, but the 25' lime green skagit-style head looks unreal as it turns over big flies and heavy sink tips towards the opposite bank.  

The Compact Switch line (4 - 8wt.) features an aggressive front taper for maximum energy transfer to any sink tip or leader. Head weights for the Compact Switch line are (4) 240gn, (5) 300gn, (6) 375gn, (7)425gn, and (8) 485gn. I paired the (7) weight 425gn with our 11' 6'' 7 weight Swinger rod and model III Sterling reel. Using two different sink tips totaling 490gn and 510gn, the Compact Switch line was a perfect match for swinging big flies!