Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cortland Line's New Compact Switch

This past weekend I had a chance to cast our new Compact Switch line. I lined it up on Cortland's Sterling Reel and was using Diamondback's Swinger Switch Rod to swing flies for Steelhead.  Not only does this line rip, but the 25' lime green skagit-style head looks unreal as it turns over big flies and heavy sink tips towards the opposite bank.  

The Compact Switch line (4 - 8wt.) features an aggressive front taper for maximum energy transfer to any sink tip or leader. Head weights for the Compact Switch line are (4) 240gn, (5) 300gn, (6) 375gn, (7)425gn, and (8) 485gn. I paired the (7) weight 425gn with our 11' 6'' 7 weight Swinger rod and model III Sterling reel. Using two different sink tips totaling 490gn and 510gn, the Compact Switch line was a perfect match for swinging big flies!

The super fused loops make sink tip change outs smooth, quick and simple.  The Compact Switch also features a precise color change indicating its "launch point", which helps you turn over cast after cast with ease and consistency. 

The Compact Switch's thin running line diameter played the biggest part in my ability to successfully bomb casts across the river. The Ivory colored running line has a thin diameter and specialized HDT (Heat Dissipation Technology) coating to reduce coiling while enhancing shooting ability. Without a doubt, stripping in line to form your next D loop to send across the water will never be easier. Also the highly visible 25' lime green head helps identify your drift when casts exceed distances your eyes cant handle!

Big changes are taking place here at Cortland Line and we are extremely excited for the Spring season!

Tight Lines,

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