Friday, June 7, 2013


Blog Post By: Loren Williams

I have witnessed many progressions in the sport of fly fishing in my 35-years as an active participant.  I started fishing about the time graphite fly rods were coming into the norm and I recall substantial rebuttal from the veterans of the day.  It’s par for the course, and I offer that it is healthy for the sport as anglers, retailers, and manufacturers all benefit-yet we will always have a “comfort zone” where anyone can remain or fall back to should they so choose.

My tenure with Fly Fishing Team USA made me aware of many fishing, tying, and cultural aspects that I may had not been privy to otherwise.  They've made me a better angler, less in a box, and my enjoyment has escalated as a result.

In an earlier blog you can read the words of Joe Goodspeed about the virtues of the Cortland Competition Nymph line as it relates to his methods of nymphing.  In this blog I’d like to offer a slightly different view of the line.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cortland Brook Series Competition Nymph Rod

Blog Post By: Joe Goodspeed

We are very excited to finally announce the availability of the Competition Nymph rod lineup that has been in the works here at Cortland for more than two years. The 4 piece rods are offered in five different configurations, 9'6'' 2 wt, 10' 3wt, 10' 4wt, 10'6'' 3 wt and 10'6'' 4wt. We recommend pairing one of these new rods with our Competition Nymph Line in both 140gn and 160gn, giving you the ultimate balance to handle various nymphing techniques.  We went through waves of prototypes that saw changes in rod actions, handle design, guides, blank finish, weight distribution/counterbalancing, and other subtle factors…and more importantly spent hundreds of hours testing and tweaking those prototype rods to ensure that each of the 5 rods are the perfect fishing tool for their intended application.