Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cortland Line Company New Fly Lines: Trout Boss

One of our earlier posts was about the new fly lines we have come out with for 2012. One of the lines that we are most excited about here at Cortland Line Company is the Trout BOSS Fly Line.

The Trout BOSS Fly Line is our new premium trout line. We have used a new jacket material that utilizes Heat Dissipation Technology (HDT). HDT ensures minimal friction while false casting, improving line speed and distance. The unique AFFTA Compliant Boss taper features a 65' head and 100' total length which allows for accurate casts in close and great control at distance. An extended head facilities roll casting and long mends, making the Boss a perfect choice for indicator nymphing. We have paired the line up with 18'' of our proprietary Dyna-Tip for superb flotation, along with a Pale Olive head and running line. 

I've received a bunch of e-mails asking questions about the cover photo:

 -"Who is that on the cover of the Trout BOSS box?"
 -"Was that fish caught with the Trout BOSS line?"
 - "How big is that Trout on the cover of the Trout BOSS box?"

Well Cortland faithful, here are all of the answers:

I took that picture of Joe Goodspeed on the cover of the box. I edited it to give it an edgy look and boom - it ended up being the box cover shot. We went fishing that night determined to get a photo for the cover shot and we actually did. 

The same fish from the box cover. You can see the White Fly shucks on the water.

Yes, that fish was caught with the Trout BOSS Fly Line. If I remember correctly, it was on a White Fly size #10 or so, right after dusk, and about a 40' cast in low clear water. 

The fish Joe caught that night was 20'' on the nose.

If you have any questions about the line you can e-mail me directly at ALOOMIS@cortlandline.com. 



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