Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Q&A with Cortland Line's Product Advisor and Pro Staff Member, Frank Catino

Frank thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. With all of the new changes happening at Cortland Line, could you give us a little information on your new position with the company.

Well after years of being a regional sales representative for Cortland Line in the south eastern US and Florida, I have taken a new position as a Product Adviser and Pro Staff Member. I'm looking forward to the new position and plan to focus on improving and developing specific products.

Lets talk about how you first starting fishing. Where, When, Mentors?
My family moved to Florida around the time I was three years old. Shortly after that I began tagging along with my father. Back then Florida was a pristine fishery with unlimited access to the water. There were very few houses, developments and private property at the time. This was the area of east central Florida, Indian River lagoon system right by Kennedy Space Center. We would fish everywhere, from shore, jetties and inlets. One of the well known local guys would take me fishing all the time. His name was Gary Schroeder and he was the local "do-it-yourself” angler. He didn't have a boat, but always had the best tackle. Original graphite rods, Sea Master reels, just everything. He would also go to the Keys and fish down there as well. He taught me a lot.
When I was older I had the opportunity to fish big game off shore which I did for some time, along with running a shop and building custom rods. This was in the early seventies when saltwater fly fishing was getting really popular. I also started to build my own fly reels as well. At that time, there wasn't a lot of competition.
This was also the time that I met Rick Ruoff. Rick taught me the side of fishing that I did not know, the biology behind fisheries, technical aspects of fishing and guiding among other things.

What are some of your go-to Cortland products while on the water either fishing or guiding?
The amount of time I’m on the water is incredible and I'm out there more now than I ever have been. I have to say that the Cortland Tropic Plus fly lines for tarpon and redfish are my favorite. The Tropic Plus clear ghost tip for getting just below the surface is ideal and the Liquid Crystal is great for sight fishing tarpon in clear water. It’s not a line for everything but has great advantages for sight fishing.

Through all your travels, tell us a little about some of your favorite places and species to fish.
I fish extensively throughout the Bahamas, Florida Keys, Cuba, Panama, Montana, and Wyoming. As for my favorite species, wow, that’s a tough one, but I would say I enjoy site fishing for bonefish in South Caicos, and trout fishing in Montana.

Thanks, Frank. We look forward to working with you throughout the future of the New Cortland line. Do you have anything else you would like to add, word on the street is you have a new air boat being built?
You're welcome guys and yes, I have a few trips coming up but the air boat is starting to take shape and I'm looking forward to fishing some very secluded places. I wanted to be able to do something that very few anglers are doing. Explore the headwaters and marshes of the St. John’s River. Fish for big bass in areas that have little to no access and that is possible, only with an air boat.

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  1. If you have not fished with Capt. Frank, you’re missing out! Frank is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced guys I have ever had the pleasure to know. A great guy and a great guide!
    Thanks for all your help in learning about salt water fly fishing Frank. I appreciate the time we spent fishing and look forward to doing more in the future!
    Steve Densley