Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cortland Line is Here for You!

Blog post by Brooks Robinson

Have you ever had complex questions about your fly line that you couldn't answer yourself?  Maybe you just wanted to know more about your lines performance or what leader to build off of it? Take it from me, as someone who hounded their fellow co-workers for tips everyday, the employees of Cortland Line are your source for answers.  Honestly, what better way is there to learn about fly fishing than from the employees at Cortland Line? After all, these are the same people who make and fish the Cortland products you buy!

It's guys like Nate Dablock, Joe Goodspeed, Artie Loomis, and Chris Rotchford, who give you a resource for any questions you may have. My first interactions with Cortland were from a customer standpoint. Now that I am an employee of Cortland Line, I can tell you first hand that there is no better source to learn about your product than these guys.  Having fished for tarpon to trout, and everything in between, the knowledge and teaching ability of these employees can help anglers at any level.

For me, being able to come and work with some of the most open minded and knowledgeable guys in this sport has helped mold me into the fisherman I am today.  Like I said, I have been a long time customer and now am a current employee who will always use these guys as my fly fishing resource.  As an employee, I urge you as customers to take advantage of knowledge they have as I have done.  It’s not everyday you buy a product that’s made, tested, and fished by hardcore anglers like yourself!

If you ever have any questions regarding your fly line, leaders, tippet, or just want to chat about fishing, email us at

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