Thursday, March 21, 2013

Everybody's Talking About Trout BOSS™

Our new Trout BOSS is one of the most talked about lines here at Cortland Line. Some of us think it is the best trout line we have ever made...I am with that bunch! The Trout BOSS allows strong, accurate, smooth casts at distances that other fly lines can't handle. Dry fly fisherman, look no where else for your next Trout Line.

The 62' head has a few different advantages for the dry fly group. First, the 30' body and 25' back taper make mending extremely easy. Since the taper is so long, you're not trying to mend against the entire weight of the WF taper like you would with a traditional 30-40' head, but rather with it. With the Trout BOSS I can easily mend more line, give the fish a better presentation, and make my drifts longer for that Brown that is sipping under that tree on the far bank. The second advantage to the 62' head on the Trout BOSS is distance. Being able to air out more line than the guy next to you is a valuable tool to have in your casting arsenal. The Trout BOSS jacket material maintains peak performance throughout casting, so when this is combined with the distance taper, it shoots through the guides exactly how you think a distance line should.

The front taper is aggressive enough (7' front taper) to turn over the longest leaders and biggest dries. I'm usually tossing 12-15' leaders tapered down to 4X-6X looking for the biggest rising fish I can find. The Trout BOSS has no problem tossing delicate Sulphur dries to fish on the West Branch of the Delaware River, or chucking Salmonfly imitations around the Madison for a day.

Another thing I like about the Trout BOSS is its ability to fish well at short to medium range distances. Yes, it is a distance taper, but with 30-35' of line out of the guides, its going to feel like you're fishing a DT line; it'll be extremely accurate and very smooth. Pair this line up with our proprietary high floating Dyna-Tip technology and dual super fused loops, the Trout BOSS becomes the ultimate dry fly line for trout!

Tight Lines,

Artie Loomis

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