Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Opaque White Indicator Mono

Cortland’s Opaque White Indicator Mono is a very unique new offering that anglers are going to want in their arsenal.  The opaque white mono maintains strong visibility in many light conditions, but white mono sitting on the surface and held off the water allows an angler to target spooky fish in clear water.  Our Opaque White mono is a solid white with no dyes or residue and the white color won’t fade in the sun.

Use our Opaque White Indicator Mono just as you would a bi-color or other bright sighter material.  The material comes in three sizes, so you can match the size to your fly size and conditions, or use multiple sizes to create a tapered sighter.  For a nice compromise between stealth and strike detection, try building a two part sighter with our Super Yellow Indicator Mono on top of the opaque white – a combination that helped fool some big wild browns this fall.

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