Monday, September 30, 2013

Youth angler starts fly fishing passion with 444 Outfit.

About a month ago we received a photo of Jacob, a young Florida angler who recently began fly fishing with his new 444 Outfit. We wanted to share his excitement with you as he embarks on this angling journey. While family and school comes first, we'll let the pictures do the talking for how Jacob now spends his free time.

We knew Jacob would love the new 444 Outfit but what we didn't know was how quickly he would find success. In just a few weeks the action shots started to come back and we knew we'd created a monster! Chasing Florida Large-mouths was Jacob's first experience with the new outfit and from the looks of his line control and strip sets we think he's progressing quite well.

There's no telling how far Jacob's passion for fly fishing will take him but from what we can see the sky is the limit. As fishermen we all know how hard it is to find a balance between school or work, while still relieving that itch to get out on the water. We want to thank Jacob for sharing his story with us and congratulate him on his hard work in school and on the water.

Do you know a young angler like Jacob that has recently started fishing? Would you like us to highlight their progress on our blog and kick you some free stuff? Send an email to with your story and photos and if we choose it we'll send you a free goody bag of new Cortland Line apparel!

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  1. I found it really cool, that kids like him is starting to love fishing - for sure he will be an expert angler one day.

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