Monday, February 20, 2012

Cortland Line Company New Fly Lines: Switch Line

The last (but not least) of our new lines that I will write about is our Precision Switch Line. This line quickly became a favorite of mine last fall while targeting Steelhead on Lake Ontario Tributaries because of its versatility.

 The new Switch Lines from Cortland performs 3 major functions to help you get maximum performance from your switch rod - Overhead casting for tossing streamers or bulky flies, spey style roll casts for swinging flies, and indicator nymphing with ease, at impressive distances. Cortland's Switch Line is 100' total, a color change at 45' with a 12' rear taper extension for supporting long mends and roll casts. Tip diameters are oversized to turn over bulky flies, indicator rigs, or connect a polyleader to the Cortland Super Fused Loop.

This Steelhead out of Lake Ontario was taken using Cortland's New Precision Switch Line.
The Switch Line has a pastel blue head, with ivory running line and is available in sizes 4-8 with grain weights as follows...

WF 4F                                240 gr
WF 5F                                300 gr
WF 6F                                375 gr
WF 7F                                425 gr
WF 8F                                485 gr

You can purchase one of our new Switch Lines at your local Cortland Pro Shop! If you would like the location of the closest Cortland Pro Shop to you, check out our "Store Locator".

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