Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where is Winter?!

A simple Google search of "national lack of snow" will bring up thousands of results.

It isn't news to anyone here in Cortland that we still don't have any snow on the ground! While fishing in 40 and even close to 50 degree weather is nice during January (notably one of the coldest months of the year), you can't help but wonder what the spring is going to be like. At this rate, there will be little to no run-off this spring! I understand that the water table in the ground is at its near maximum, so most of the rain we're getting now "runs-off" into the streams, but what will happen in the Spring?

Lets not forget ice fishing. The general lack of ice across the nation's well know ice fisheries is really hurting businesses that depend on them.

Will water temperatures sky rocket so early this year that it will be hard for streams to recover? Will streams be at an all time low this summer? It is hard to say. Nature usually has a way of working itself out, so only time will tell, but you can bet that I'm praying for some snow!

Tight Lines,

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